How To Take Pictures Of Nails? Best 9 Tips

how to take pictures of nails

How To Take Pictures Of Nails? 24 Pose

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to take pictures of nails for your blog or online portfolio. Nail art is becoming increasingly popular, and it is important to have good quality images of your work to showcase it correctly.

how to take pictures of nails
Young beautiful woman posing for a camera downtown

We will go over some tips on lighting and composition, as well as how to use software to improve your photos. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced nail artist, keep reading for some helpful advice!

What are pictures of nails?

Pictures of nails can be used for several purposes, such as to examine the health of your nails, to get ideas for nail art, or simply to admire the beauty of well-manicured hands. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next manicure or just want to appreciate some pretty nails, these pictures of nails are sure to do the trick!

How do you pose nails for pictures?

how to take pictures of nails

Try Ring Lights for Flattering Lighting

If you want to get a great shot indoors, make sure not only does the lighting match what’s being shown in your photo but also tries using some professional sources like daylight bulbs. These lights are even and balanced so they won’t worsen any minor flaws that may be present on an object or person while giving off very little heat compared with regular lamps which can cause unwanted shimmers when captured through a camera’s lens.

When taking pictures of nails indoors, you should use special equipment like light boxes or ring lights to emit even and diffused lighting that will make your subject look more flattering in the photo. The Neewer Ring Light Kit is a worthwhile choice for those who are looking forward to capturing professional-looking images with their manicured fingertips!

Pro Tip: When taking photos of yourself, do not use the flash. The bright orange light from your camera’s signature is never flattering on anyone and makes hands look elderly in just seconds!

Use Indirect Sunlight for Diffused Lighting

If you’re struggling to afford additional lighting equipment, try snapping your nail photoshoot on a sunny day. The best times for this type of photo are early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft and not too bright; it will make for better photos without any strong shadows distracting from how beautiful our hands can look!

how to take pictures of nails

The diffused lighting in a room creates perfect conditions for capturing nail shots. At noon, the sunlight is especially bright and harsh on your skin; so, make sure you position your hands away from any shadows that may be cast by objects near them or behind them when taking these types of pictures outdoors during peak hours (midday).

Moisturize and Clean Your Hands Prior to the Shoot

The best way to get a nice start on your photoshoot is by taking care of yourself. Soften up those skin and cuticles with moisturizer, then apply some cream around the nails so it will be easier for your photographer during processing time!

To add a beautiful shine to your nails, clean them thoroughly and then apply some oil. If you overdo it with the cuticle-focused product though—make sure not too much so as this will minimize its effectiveness when covered by topcoat paint!

Choose Simple and Monochromatic Backgrounds

Massaging your nails with painted-on designs is all the rage these days, but it would be better if you only did this for show. If possible, try to find a monochromatic photo backdrop board that has soft colors and remove any distracting objects from behind or next to them before capturing an image of yourself in action!

Since nails are a compact object for shooting, it is important to consider the color and tone of your hands when choosing what kind of photo backdrop you will use. A great idea would be using complementary colors or muted shades in order not only to highlight their beauty but also to create depth within an image by having something behind them on stage so we can see all sides clearly!

Use Props for More Natural Hand Poses

There are a lot of different ways to create amazing nail arts, but if you want thematic story-inspired artwork then it’s important that your props match the design. For example, with this pink vodka bottle on its side as opposed to straight up or down poses will give off more depth because viewers can see what else might be going on in an image without having too much background noise distracting from anything nearby (like a drink!).

how to take pictures of nails
Woman’s hands with trendy pastel color nails holding a cup. Spring summer nail design. Manicure, pedicure beauty salon concept.

You can use any props you want, as long they don’t distract from your nails. It is important that these accessories match each other in color and size so it’s not too busy or overwhelming for viewers!

Put the Focus on Nails by Using a Large Aperture

When capturing images of nails, use a large aperture to blur the background and focus on your subject. In this case, we recommend purchasing prime lenses like Canon’s EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

When it comes time to take pictures, pay attention and make sure that your aperture is set correctly. Apertures like f/1.2 will not allow enough light into the camera so use something narrower instead such as an open setting around f/4 for close-ups or perhaps even greater than this if you want a whole body shot without any distractions!

Experiment with Different Shooting Angles

Remember to experiment with different shooting ranges when doing nail photography. You can take close-up and long shots for a variety of effects, such as showcasing every detail or creating an atmosphere that is more personal than just the viewer’s hands in focus versus having them framed by surrounding scenery like they’re partaking actively on their own accord. A close keep your manicured fingertips front & center while allowing you ample room above it all; this makes these images perfect if there are other items being showcased alongside yours (think: jewelry), whereas Long Shot Modes allow us placement wide angle enough so viewers getCS see entirety entire palm with all fingers included in photo!

Optimize Photos with Facetune, VSCO, and SnapSeed

To get the best nails, you need to edit them. If it’s pictures of your hand and feet that are bothering giving off too much light or dark in some areas, then use filters like those found on the Lightroom app where one can adjust exposure compensation for better results!

To make the most out of your beautiful features, use Face tune. This tool will smooth and enhance skin texture while making fine lines invisible with its airbrush feature! You can also add a luminous glow by using an easy-to customize brush pack that comes free when you sign up for a membership on their website in addition.

SnapSeed is a free photo editing app that’s designed to give you the tools and effects necessary for making any kind of masterpiece. With adjustable contrast, brightness levels, or shadows among other things available on this platform – there really isn’t many Snap Seeds can do!

Add Jewelry Pieces for More Visual Interest

Classic nail photography is a great way to capture your personality and style. To make the photo even more captivating, try adding accessories during the shoot such as rings in matching colors or gold bracelets for an elegant look that’s perfect for any occasion! But be careful with reflections because they can spoil all of those beautiful shots if you’re not mindful enough while taking them outside in natural light sources like sunlight – remember its strength varies depending on where one lives within Earth’s atmosphere so use protection accordingly!

how to take pictures of nails
Manicure on women’s hands are covered with blue lacquer two tones with flowers.

You can also use different ring styles for your hands. For example, there are knuckle-finger rings or jewelry that resembles flowers and animals to spice things up! You might want to include one accessory on each finger (it should not be too flashy) but make sure they don’t take away from the nail art you’ve created– choose small pieces with only three-five items total so as not to overwhelm viewers’ eyesight when looking at all of them together

Besides using personalized jewelry in creative ways like this example above you could try adding custom designed bangles into the shot as well! These can be made from metal or any other materials that would make them stand out while complementing your nails perfectly without being too over-the-top.

Incorporate a Piece of Fabric into Your Photos

The beauty of a picture is in the detail. You can use this to your advantage by adding some extra flair with fabric pieces that capture light at different angles, giving pictures an interesting texture and dimensionality, they didn’t have before!

Clothes are more than just something to cover your body; they can also be an extension of your personality. The fabric conveys different feels based on its material, such as silk offering lighter and elegant qualities or wool creating a cozier atmosphere for those looking to cozy up in their own skin! You may not need anything special when it comes time to dress yourself tonight because all these clothes already have unique personalities waiting inside them—and if not then go ahead and wear any old thing that comes into existence first (although I hope this article helps).

Pose with Beverages

If you want to get creative with your nail pictures, pose while drinking beverages. The art of drink photography has its tricks and peculiarities so it’s important that beginners learn how to shoot drinks first before trying other poses like coffee or cocktails!

You can pick the drink of your choice- it will match exactly what’s on display! For example, if you have bright design nails and want something refreshing for them to wear during summertime hours then choose an ice-cold beer or glassful iced coffee from Starbucks. If they’re more elegant in nature but still need a little boost after work hours go ahead with warm cocktails served at room temperature instead; dark shades call out not just black coffees/drinks which are stronger tasting due to their strong colors but also red wines too.

Pairing drinks with your nails can create some amazing pictures, but it’s important to be aware of the potential messes that could happen! So, make sure to have paper towels or napkins on hand before starting to shoot in case any accidental spillage occurs.

Use a Complementary Prop to Your Nail Design

A great way to get creative with your photos is by using complementary props. If there are certain patterns or objects in the manicure, use them during photo sessions for more exquisite shots!

how to take pictures of nails

To demonstrate a beautiful design of the flower pattern, hold up your hand with fingers splayed out like petals on top. If you’re doing an elaborate manicure in rainbow colors (which we think looks awesome), position it against one section where all seven shades meet–the result will be stunning!

Clutch a Purse or a Wallet

You can use a handbag or wallet to make your image more interesting. A plain bag will just show the nails in their natural state but if you have one that has colors and patterns on it then this could really pop when taken with other photos!

Place Your Hand on Your Body

The model can sit in a relaxed manner, resting her head on one hand and touching the other to it for support. She could also put both arms across herself for extra flair – this will make sure you get an amazing photo!

Capture Both Hands to Display Mismatched Manicure

The design on the single hand is straightforward. However, when it comes to showcasing the beauty of both hands in sync together then there are certain precautions that need considering so as not to leave out any important details from each digit by mistake!

Curl Your Fingers Inwards

With the fingers of one hand facing palm up, gently draw them inward until they are touching or just barely separated from each other. Then repeat this motion with your opposite arm so that both hands move in concert against an open space between their respective palms.

Place Hands on Top of Each Other

To get the perfect pose for your next nail photoshoot, put one hand on top of another. This will make them both visible and create a more flattering look with designs focused on tips!

The fingers can also be put on top of one another so that the nails point in different directions. In this case, too, the light will reflect off them differently depending upon what kind it is being used for – whether you need a broad spectrum or narrow beam!

To give your hands a more appealing look, raise them above the surface of the water. This will create tension in this area and helps to keep it relaxed while you are doing so!

Use a Manicure Set

If you want to have a complete manicure set for your next photo session, use one that matches your nails! This will help create a more polished look and make sure that your photos are on point.

The set should include all the items that you need to get the perfect manicure, such as a base coat, topcoat, cuticle oil, and nail polish remover. It should also come with a variety of colors so that you can choose the right shade for your nails.

Use a Neutral Background

A plain background is always a good idea when taking photos of your nails. This will help to make the colors pop and make sure that the focus is on your nails.

If you are using a solid color background, make sure that it is not too close to your skin tone. This will make it difficult to see the details of your nails.

Use a Dark Background

A dark background can also be used for your nail photos. This will create a more dramatic look and can help to make the colors of your nails stand out.

If you are using a dark background, make sure that there is enough light so that your nails are well illuminated. Otherwise, they may appear to be dull in the photos.

Use a Light Background

A light background can also be used for your nail photos. This will create an airier look and can help to make the colors of your nails stand out.

how to take pictures of nails

If you are using a light background, make sure that there is enough light so that your nails are well illuminated. Otherwise, they may appear to be dull in the photos.

Use props

Props can help to add interest to your photos and can also be used to show off your nails in a different way. Some ideas for props include flowers, jewelry, and other accessories.

Get creative with your poses

There are many ways that you can pose for your photos. Get creative and try out different poses to see what looks best.

Have fun

Remember to have fun with your photo session. This is a great way to show off your nails and express your creativity.

How to take pictures of nails?

Try to find a camera that works for you! If you’re into technology, then go ahead and use a DSLR or mirrorless camera to capture your photos. If not, there are plenty of smartphone apps that can help you take great pictures as well. You don’t need expensive equipment to take great pictures; just think about what kind of photos you want to take and pick the tools that will help you achieve them!

Lighting is key

A good photographer knows how important lighting is when it comes to taking pictures. When taking nail photos, remember that natural light will always be best because it’s soft and warm—it gives off less harsh shadows than artificial light sources like flashlights or lamps do. However, if there isn’t enough natural light available then try using an artificial light source: it might take some trial-and-error but eventually, you’ll find something that works for your situation!

Keep the camera steady

The easiest way to do this is to use a tripod or hold your camera with both hands. If you don’t have a tripod, placing your camera on a flat surface or on something that will keep it steady (like a stack of books) will work as well. You can also try using the timer on your phone to take the picture, which will reduce any movement caused by pressing the shutter button.

Keep the background simple

When you’re taking pictures of your nails, you want to focus on just those nails—not everything else in sight! Try using plain backgrounds like white or black so that all attention goes straight to your hands and nails without distraction from other colors or patterns around them.

Keep the foreground simple

You don’t have to have a super-exciting background for your nail pictures. Just make sure that the background is clean, and that it doesn’t distract from your nails. You can also choose to blur out part of your background (if you’re using an iPhone) or put on a white backdrop behind you and use black-and-white effects on your camera app when taking photos.

Choose your own hand pose

Don’t be afraid to try new things—you might not like how all of them look, but there’s no harm in trying! Try holding different fingers up, putting them on top of each other, or even making a fist (just make sure you don’t hurt yourself). Try posing with different hands—don’t just take photos of one of yours repeatedly! And don’t be afraid to mix things up by adding props—like flowers, rings, or even other people’s hands into the shot!

Clean up

It’s important to clean up before taking pictures of your nails—if they’re covered in old polish stains or dried-up remover residue, it’ll show up in your pictures! If you have time beforehand, give your nails a quick scrub with some soap and water (just make sure they’re completely dry before you start taking photos). If not, just use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to quickly clean up any smudges or stains on your nails.

Lint wipe

Before you even think about snapping the photo, it’s crucial that you do a little prep work. First, make sure there’s no lint on any part of your hands or nails—you don’t want any distracting elements in the background of your photo! To make sure every inch is clean, use a cotton swab dipped in polish remover like acetone to swipe over all areas before shooting. This will make sure any dust or debris is removed from the surface of both hands and nails so that only what you want to appear shows up in the final image.


You can have an amazing photo taken with great lighting and high-quality equipment, but if it’s not properly focused it won’t look nearly as good as if it had been taken with a focus on the point: which means using manual settings rather than relying on automatic ones. When taking photos of your nails, make sure to focus on just that—you don’t want the camera picking up anything else in the background. If you’re using an iPhone, you can tap on the screen where you want the focus to be before taking the picture. If you’re using a DSLR camera, you’ll need to adjust the settings so that the focus is on your nails rather than anything else around them.


If you’d like to edit your photos after taking them, you can use one of many photo editing apps available online like Adobe Photoshop Express or something similar that lets you adjust lighting levels and color balance among other things so that your image looks exactly how you want it before sharing on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook where others can see it as well!

FAQs about How to take pictures of nails?

How do you take long nails with pictures?

Long nails are a great way to accentuate your outfit and show off your style. They can also be a fun way to experiment with nail art, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist. If you’re not sure how to take long nails, here are some tips:

1) Use nail extensions if you want longer nails but don’t have the time or money for acrylics. They’re easy to apply yourself and come in several different colors and styles.

2) If you’re looking for something less permanent than nail extensions, try gel polish. Gel polish is made from the same ingredients as regular nail polish but has a higher percentage of plasticizers, which makes it more durable than regular polish. Gel polish can last up to two weeks before chipping starts happening on its own, so it’s perfect for busy people who want their nails to last longer than one day!

3) If neither of those options works out for you, consider acrylics! Acrylics are great because they last up to two weeks without any chipping or peeling off like other kinds of nail enhancements do after a few days (or even just hours). You’ll need an appointment with your local salon or spa every few weeks to get them filled in, but other than that, they’re pretty much maintenance-free.

4) If you want to try something different, go for stiletto nails! Stiletto nails are long, sharp, and pointy, and they make a statement. They can be a bit difficult to get used to at first, but they’re worth it if you’re looking for something unique.

5) Once you have your perfect set of long nails, it’s time to start thinking about nail art! There are endless possibilities when it comes to painting your nails, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use regular polish or gel polish to create all sorts of designs, from simple stripes or dots to more elaborate patterns. You can even use rhinestones, glitter, or other decorations to add some extra sparkle to your nails.

How do you show your nails in a picture?

The stiff, straight-out position for holding your hand will give you an unflattering wide angle that captures little of what’s going on around it. To avoid this problem simply bend the fingers as if shaking hands with someone – this gives a much better overall view and makes people take notice! Professional nail photographers know how important angles are so be sure to see their work before judging yours: they usually show robust poses where both hands have been softly bending at some point during capture (as seen here).

What is the shape of nails?

Nails come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following is a list of common nail shapes:

Almond: The almond shape is like an oval in that it’s long and thin, but unlike an oval, it has a rounded corner at the tip of the nail instead of being straight edged. Almond-shaped nails are usually found on middle fingers or ring fingers.

Square: A square-shaped nail is wider than it is tall and has straight edges along all sides of its surface area with no curves or angles anywhere along its length (or width). Square-shaped nails can be found on any finger or toe that isn’t already occupied by an almond-shaped nail (since these two shapes don’t mix well together).

Squoval – This is a rounded square shape that’s neither too thin nor too thick. It’s great for people with short fingers who still want to keep the nail shape visible.

Coffin (also known as a ballerina): These are the thinnest of all the nail shapes and have a curved cut at the end to resemble a ballet shoe. They’re ideal for those who like to show off their nails but don’t want anything too intrusive on their hands.

Stiletto (or pointed): These are sharp, pointy nails that can create an illusion of longer fingers by elongating the top half of your hands while also emphasizing your ring finger when you’re wearing rings!

Oval: The oval shape is like a squared-off version of the squoval shape above, except it’s slightly longer than wide so it gives off more feminine vibes than masculine ones like some other shapes might do if worn by someone with larger hands or bigger knuckles than others might have!

Conclusion – How to take pictures of nails?

We have discussed some tips on how to take pictures of nails. By following these simple steps and using the recommended tools, you can create clear and concise nail images that represent your work well. Remember to be patient and practice often to improve your skills. With a little bit of effort, you can produce stunning nail photos that will help you attract more clients and boost your business. Have you tried any of these techniques? What worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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