Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8 Guide & Review

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8 Review

The Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8 camera is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable Super 8 camera. This camera is easy to use, and it produces high-quality footage.

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Canon 518 Super 8 and share some of our favorite reviews from users. We’ll also compare this camera to some of its competitors and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs. Thanks for reading!

What does Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8?

This model is a bestseller because it adds power zooming to the popular Zoom 518 Super 8 (marketed in December 1964). A fixed grip was also added, which contains an additional AA battery for this function. This extra feature makes them perfect with regards to performance and price while still maintaining design features like balance or purity- leading many people into buying one themselves!

Features of Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8?

Image Size:

The Canon Zoom 518 Super 8 is a high-quality, auto-zoom lens designed for use with Canon’s line of Super 8 cameras. It has a 4.2 x 5.7-millimeter image size and an even more compact projection image size of 4 x 5.4 millimeters, making it easy to capture wide shots and close-ups with one lens.


The Canon Zoom 518 Super 8 Film Cartridge is the perfect cartridge for your Canon super 8 camera, offering you the ability to film in black and white or color. The cartridge also has an auto-zoom feature that makes it easier for you to focus on your subject.

Focal Length/Speed:

The Canon 518 Super 8 is a high-speed, auto-exposure camera that records on super 8mm film. The camera’s 9.5 – 47.5mm f/1.8 lens has 14 elements in 11 groups, including five new types of glass elements that help to reduce chromatic aberration and improve image quality. The inner diameter is 48 mm, and the outer diameter is 50 mm. The amber and magenta coating helps to reduce flare and ghosting in outdoor shooting situations.

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8

With this camera, you can extend your focal length to super telephoto of 15.6 – 78mm f/1.8 with the Teleconverter 1.6X—making it perfect for photojournalism or event filmmaking where you want to get close to your subject without sacrificing image quality or exposure settings like aperture or ISO sensitivity levels which are both easily adjusted using a dial on top of the camera body itself (no more fumbling for buttons).

Zooming Ratio:

The Canon zoom 518 Super 8, with a 5x lens, is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet high-quality camera that can capture clear images. The zoom ratio of this camera means that you don’t have to move closer or farther away from your subject to get the perfect shot. The autofocus feature makes it easy to use and helps ensure that your subject is always in focus.


It is a lightweight, portable camera that features a manual focus for precise control of the lens, which rotates from 1.2 meters to infinity. The Auto Zoom’s standard-sized Super-8 cartridge can hold up to 100 feet of film, and it has a built-in winder for continuous filming.


The Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8 Camera is a great choice for anyone who wants to capture and preserve memories. The canon auto zooms 518 super 8 offers a variety of shooting options, including power zooming (approx. 6 sec.) and manual zooming with a zooming ring. The lens also rotates approximately 100 degrees, so you can position your shot exactly how you want it.

Filter Size:

The lens on this camera is a 48 mm filter size, which allows it to capture high-quality images and video with ease. The camera also comes equipped with a built-in light meter, which allows you to ensure that your shots are always properly exposed.


The lens is the heart and soul of any camera and is no exception. The Auto Zoom 518’s single-lens reflex design means that you can see what you’re shooting just as it happens—and adjust your focus to get the perfect shot without having to guess where your subject will be when it’s time to take a picture.


You focus by using the prism screen rangefinder (micro-prism rangefinder). With this system, you can manually adjust the focus of your shot without changing any settings on the camera itself. This makes it easy to get the perfect shot every time!


– Dioptric Adjustment: The viewfinder is equipped with a dioptric adjustment from -3 to +1 diopter. This allows you to adjust the viewfinder so that it is comfortable and easy to use.

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8

-Viewfinder Information: The viewfinder is exactly what you’d expect from a camera: it’s big and easy to see. The aperture value, exposure meter needle, and over/under exposure warnings are all clearly displayed on the screen so that you can keep track of what’s always happening.

Exposure Meter:

It has a built-in TTL CdS exposure meter, which makes it easy to ensure your shots are properly exposed.

Metering Range:

Featuring a viewfinder, metering range, ISO 160 f/1.8, and 18 fps – ISO 16 f/16, that you can use for everything from filming your next big project to capturing your child’s first steps. With its built-in features, this camera will help you capture every moment with ease.

-Film Speed: You can choose between four different film speeds: Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge, Tungsten type film (ISO 25, 40, 64, 100 and 160), Daylight type film (16, 25, 40, 64 and 100). The automatic settings mean that you won’t have to worry about changing any settings while you’re recording—you can just focus on the action!

Exposure Control:

-CCA Filter: This camera has an adjustable exposure control that allows you to take photographs under a variety of lighting conditions. The CCA filter built into this camera will automatically cancel when you load a daylight type film cartridge and can be manually canceled as well.

-Manual Aperture Setting: The Auto Zoom 518 features a manual aperture setting, which allows you to change your camera’s exposure by simply rotating the aperture ring around the lens. You can even use ND filters with this feature to reduce light and create effects that would normally require expensive equipment.

-Power Source: It has a 4x optical zoom lens and comes equipped with two MD mercury cells. This makes it easy to capture high-quality images and videos in any kind of light, including low light conditions. Its auto-zoom function means that it will automatically adjust the focal length of its lens depending on the subject being filmed.

-Battery Check: It is the perfect tool for any filmmaker because it’s designed with a battery check button that keeps you from running out of juice during a shoot. This button also allows you to check the status of your battery at any time, so you don’t have to worry about being unprepared when it comes time to start recording.

Filming Speed:

This Canon zoom 518 Super 8 Film Camera features a built-in zoom lens that allows for filming at 18 frames per second and slow motion (approx. 40 fps). The camera also includes an exposure control system for adjusting light levels, as well as a viewfinder for framing shots.

Footage Counter:

It is a film camera that has a footage counter that counts and automatically resets upon unloading a film cartridge.


It is a unique camera that offers a wide-angle viewing lens, as well as a 160° shutter opening. This means that you can get the most out of your shots by capturing more of what’s going on around you.

Release Socket:

The camera has a release socket and sockets for remote control and continuous shooting, which allows you to use the included remote control to make sure you get the perfect shot every time.

Shutter Lock Dial:

It features a Shutter Lock Dial that can be set to three different positions for safety, run, and remote control.

Safety Mechanism:

The Canon 518 Super 8 Movie Camera features an array of safety mechanisms that help prevent you from making mistakes in the shooting. You’ll get an over/under exposure warning, as well as a shutter lock and film drive confirmation.

Remote Control:

It has a remote switch, so you can record and stop recording remotely. This is especially useful if you’re filming in a place that’s far away from the camera or if you want to get a reaction shot without having to hold up your camera.


 This camera is easy to use thanks to its grip holding type, battery compartment for a driving AA battery, and simple zoom lever.

Dimensions (WxHxD) and weight:

The Canon zoom 518 Super 8 has 1150g (Body only), making it easy for you to carry around wherever you go. Its dimensions (W x H x D) are 55 x 187 x 206 mm, which means it will fit easily into your handbag or backpack without taking up much space.

The pros and cons.

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8


-The camera is lightweight and easy to use. You can set it up in a matter of minutes and start shooting on film right away. The camera comes with an instruction manual that will walk you through all of the steps you need to take in order to get started using the device.

-The camera is compact enough that you can easily take it with you wherever you go. You do not have to worry about carrying around a large bag full of equipment or dealing with bulky equipment that takes up too much space in your car or office.

-This model does not require any batteries or memory cards; all the film is stored inside the camera itself so there are no external devices required for its operation (which means no additional costs). This also means that there are no cables or cords needed for charging purposes either!


-As mentioned above, this model does not have any kind of zoom lens feature which means that there will be no zoom capability when taking pictures/videos from afar (you’ll only be able to get close-up shots).

-The camera does not come with a tripod (although one can be purchased separately if needed). This could be seen as a con by some people, but others may see it as a pro because it makes the device more lightweight and easier to transport.

-This model is not compatible with all types of film; only certain brands/sizes will fit into the cartridge slot. Be sure to check what types of film this camera takes before making your purchase so that you don’t end up being disappointed later.

Common mistakes when using Canon 518 super 8.

When using, there are a few mistakes that are easy to make.

The most common mistake is using the camera’s automatic settings. When you turn on your camera and start shooting without changing any of the settings, you will get a lot of blurry footage. This happens because the camera doesn’t know what kind of film you are using or how far away you are from your subject.

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8

Another common mistake is not changing the light setting when filming in different environments. If you’re filming indoors, it’s important to change the light so that it’s not too bright or too dark for your subject. If you’re filming outdoors, make sure that there isn’t too much sunlight or else it will wash out your image!

Finally, if you notice that there is no sound coming from your camera while filming, check to make sure that all of its controls are in working order before trying again!

FAQs about Canon auto zoom 518 super 8.

How to use Canon 518 super 8?

  • Prepare the camera by attaching the lens to the body of the camera and setting it to manual focus.
  • Attach the funnel to the lens and fill it with light-sensitive film. Make sure that you do not touch the edges of the film when you load it into the funnel, as this will allow light in and ruin your shot.
  • Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8
  • Adjust your aperture so that you achieve good exposure. If you are using a low-light setting, try closing your aperture by two stops or more; if you are using a brighter setting, try opening it up by two stops or more. You can also adjust your shutter speed or ISO to achieve a good exposure level without overexposing or underexposing your shots.
  • Attach the lens cap onto your lens before you turn on your camera’s power switch and start filming! This will prevent light from entering through any openings in between where you attach your lenses or filters onto their respective mounts on top of each other (which could cause damage).
  • To start filming, press the large red button on the back of the camera. The Auto Zoom 518 Super 8 will automatically advance the film and begin exposure.
  • To stop filming, press the large red button again. The camera will automatically rewind the film back into its storage canister.
  • Once the film has been fully rewound, remove the lens cap and turn off your camera’s power switch.
  • Develop your film as soon as possible after shooting. If you wait too long, the images may start to fade.
  • Enjoy your results!

How to check the battery life on my Canon 518 camera?

You can check the battery life of your camera by looking at the LCD screen. The battery indicator will display in the top right corner of the LCD screen.

If you see a red light next to the battery indicator, it means that your battery is low and needs to be replaced.

If you see a green light next to the battery indicator, it means that your battery has enough power to run for another hour and twenty minutes.

If you see a yellow light next to the battery indicator, it means that your battery has enough power to run for another two hours and forty minutes.

If you see a white light next to the battery indicator, it means that your battery is fully charged.

You can also check the battery life by pressing the “Info” button on the back of the camera. The “Info” screen will display how much power is remaining in the battery.

You also can change your battery if its damaged, we recommend this type:

Conclusion – Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8.

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8 is a great camera. The camera has great features, and the quality of the videos is amazing. If you are looking for a good quality film camera, then the Canon 518 Super 8 is perfect for you.

You can find more information about this camera on our website, including reviews from other customers who have purchased it. We also offer free shipping on all orders within the United States, so don’t hesitate to buy yours today.

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